Happy Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month! 
Someone knows someone whom has been touched by adoption. The more you speak up, the more you learn about other's stories. It is a selfless feat to adopt someone into your heart and home. Adoption comes in many forms. There is adoption of a step-child, grandparent, national adoption, international adoption, foster care adoption and more.

There are a million and one ways to create a family, or care for a loved one. Adoption is one way, it is our way. My hubby and I are so excited to learn about the path that is ahead of us.We are currently receiving our last home study meeting today. It is a day of excitement as we take another step forward to meeting our future child.

My task for everyone is to embrace someone who is mulling over the decision to place their child for adoption. Don't shame someone who already did. Don't spread negativity about those who were adopted by a new family or waiting to be adopted. Never ever forget those whom didn't find a family before adulthood. Be such a close friend to them that you are their family! Open your doors to friends at holiday time. You never know if they actually have family to spend those days with.

Throw out your preconceptions of why someone places a child for adoption and why a family would adopt. Get to know someone around you and learn about their story. Every story is unique.


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