For Our Future Child

Dear Son/Daughter,

You have one set of parents that gave you life and we are the set that will show you how to live it.

We hope that you grow to understand that we did everything for you.

We are proud of our successes
as well as our failures.

We stayed open to everything, as a lesson is always there to be learned.
We hope that you learn that too.

It is our goal to show you the essence of life and build character.

I wish that you learn to
dance in the rain, sing in the shower.

I hope you see the world like us and
taste cuisine from all walks of life.

Always laugh and giggle wholehearted and
cry if you must.

You are Beautiful and Handsome
Funny and Kind
Creative and Intelligent

Never let fear block your blessings and dreams
Keep your passion close to your heart.

Never turn your back on children and the elderly.
Know that they will be your wisdom and strength.

Respect and protect nature, your body and those you love.

Don't forget, family aren't friends, but friends can be close like family.

Forgiveness has to be practiced so that it can come naturally.

This is our wish for you.

Love Mom and Dad


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