An Open Home

If our plate was not full enough, we have opened our doors to an exchange student for a month. Hubby and I were approached with this opportunity last summer, but we didn't apply. This year we jumped on the opportunity. I have been an exchange student twice and my parents have hosted a few times when I was a child. I felt that it was time to give back. If you have ever thought of hosting an exchange student, here are a few tips to why it's a great idea.

1. Learn First Hand
Ever wanted to learn how to make a dish from a different country or learn a new craft? An exchange student can share with you. You can also pass along a new skill and recipe to the student. They want to learn cultural activities.

2. Practice A Language
Even though the student is in America to learn English, you can practice the foreign language by being a human dictionary. Your children would love to practice what they have learned also.

3. Explore Your Area
How often do you travel around your area to experience museums, parks, and festivals? Hosting an exchange student will motivate you to get out and have fun.

So if you ever wanted to know if hosting a student would be a great fit for your family, just consider these three tips. Clean off a bed, stock the fridge and enjoy your time with an exchange student.


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