Who We Are

Deep in the loads of paperwork to be approved to adopt a child, is a set of questions, a ton of questions. We have to dive deep into our inner most thoughts and dreams to capture on paper what we want, where we will go and most importantly, who we are. We dedicated Sundays to tackling all the adoption paperwork and family. It's time set aside to learning about this road that so many secretly walked down. We knew that there was more to just receiving a child, that perhaps we needed to know who we are so that we can explain it to others. One small question created a huge, week long discussion. So we took a stab at it to create our slogan:

"We are a kind, hugging couple that spends quality time camping, reading, coloring, living minimally, traveling the world, and eating gluten free all while being children of God."

Dare I say that was a run on sentence? Perhaps, but it encompasses all that we have become over the past eleven years together. We have fought a good fight against death of family members, sadness of the loss of fertility and even fear of moving forward when it's all unknown. The largest compliment that we keep receiving is that we are brave and strong. Strong for not letting our emotions and fear destroy our relationship and brave for trying anything and everything. (Being Gluten Free is a attest of trying anything!) We thank everyone who informs us of these two attributes as we never paid attention. We just joined arms, put up our defenses and pushed through. Often we carried one another when being strong wasn't possible. We thanked, complimented and smiled to one another.

So to the future birth mother of our children, please know that above all, we strive to have a kind heart and hands.


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