Giving Thanks

I have to take a moment to give thanks to a friend from church. She has been a ray of sunshine as I struggled through the infertility path. She has a few friends that have walked my path over the past few years and knew exactly how to approach me. Of course she figured out that I have a blog and read through so many posts before she spoke up to me. I was embarrassed at first because I knew I ranted about being around a ton of pregnant women and she happened to be pregnant. But my dear friend didnt seemed bothered by it. She was just concerned about my welfare and feelings.

This summer my dear friend brought me to tears. She was happy that Hubby and I moved forward with the decision to adopt. She was moved by the thought that we are excited to begin a different and new chapter in our lives. She then went on to mention my post on being too proud to beg for help. She went on to explain that she had helped her friend raise money for her adoption and that many people want to help me. She said that not everyone can open their doors to adopt a child but people still support the cause. She said that by allowing people to donate their money and time, I am allowing people to help.

Then it struck me; others feel the same as we do. Others see adoption as a cause. Adoption is not the last resort to a family, but an excursion one can take on this trip of life. It is one of the many ways for a child to find a family and a family to find a child. It is the intertwining of two strings in a quilt. Separately these string would not create anything but together, they create a beautiful tapestry. My 'village' is ready and waiting to intertwine and build a breath taking tapestry.

So to my dear friend Ann, THANK YOU from the depth of my soul for not being afraid to approach me, share your feelings and pointing me to the path that the Lord has placed in front of me. I have been tiptoeing along the way, afraid to take a real step. Now, I am running full speed ahead to whichever blessings lie ahead.

Thank you!


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