Loose Change

I pose a challenge for those that are trying to get out of debt.

All summer long collect change. Dig down in the seat cushions of the couch and car. Shake your pants, go through your wallet and clean out the purse. Grab a jar and start collecting. You will be surprise how much change you can collect.

When Hubby and I started doing this, we found 8 quarters and a handful of nickles and dimes. That was a nice dessert when money was short. Get your kids involved also. Show them that money is money no matter how small. Teach them by doing. They will catch on and their tiny little eyes will be spotting loose change all around town.

Chose how you want to spend the money at the end of the summer. We are adding to our adoption and baby funds. We have a lot to save up for and we are starting small.

So you might be wondering why we choose such a small challenge. Well the internet is flooded with a ton of challenges that can harm you or scare you. Well money is just as scary and harmful as a mouthful of cinnamon and ten spicy wings. I thought that this challenge will at least be nicer and have a sweet ending.

Join Us!
Tell us below what you want to save your lose change for.


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