Too Proud to Beg

Two weeks ago I was chopping pineapples with a friend from church. We flew from one topic to the next during our two day shopping trip and 4 hour brunch prep. I got to learn a brand new side to her and her life. She, like many women had a hard time getting pregnant. She lost a baby in the first trimester and it took another two years to conceive again. I finally opened up and told another person, that Hubby and I have been battling infertility for 5 years. Holding back my tears, I placed on a smile and explained how we are just defeated for trying so much. I explained our road and how we are dead broke. I told her that we are on to plan C, adoption. I went on to explain that its so expensive that I'm surprised it's legal. She told me that a family member of her's adopted 10 years ago and everyone chipped in.

She gets it! She knows what it's like to go years and years without something that you worked and prayed for. She even had a family member to go through the same struggle.

Hubby and I came up with an idea to raise money, but I'm too proud to beg. Rather, I'm too ashamed to beg. More like embarrassed. I have read countless comments from people saying when they were pregnant, they didnt ask people for money. My favorite comment was 'why is it our responsibility to help them have a family, no one helped us'. The only answer I can come up for those type of questions is to ask, did you spend your life savings just to get pregnant? That's the difference, in a nut shell. Hubby and I saved $3000 for our insurance deductible when one has a baby. We just knew that sometime in that first year of trying, we would get pregnant, so we started saving. Well, years later, we spent that and much more trying to get test done, blood drawn, ultrasounds and x-rays taken and appointments after appointments.

So yes, you fertile gems out there, no you didn't need to ask someone for money before you had your baby. Perhaps, you asked after that lovely hospital bill came in. However, I and women alike, only have two choices to (pay) have a family. We either ask for donations or Hubby and I take 2-3 years to save for one child.

So my sweet friend said the thing I needed to hear on Easter, "Don't be too proud to ask! So many people will help."


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