Dissing Debt- Lowering Insurances

We saved $60 a month switching car insurance.
I sound like a commercial don't I? But yes, we actually saved $60 a month by visiting the ELP (endorsed local providers) from Dave Ramsey's website.

We were shocked that we were paying so much for car and rental insurance. We have never been quoted such a low price before. We have been with one company for 3.5 years and watched our rates go up $40. That particular company blamed it on the fact that our vehicle type has been in a lot of car accidents recently. So we were bring penalized for other's actions! Good-bye!

This change has certainly increase our debt dissing monthly amount. This came at a great time because Hubby's surgery bills have been coming in.

I say, give it a try. The ELP is able to look at a variety of companies to find deals that fit what you need covered. They don't work for one particular insurance company and are dedicated to helping you rather than a certain company's monthly goals.


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