We Found Our Next Step

We found an Adoption Agency!!!

We actually like two agencies in our area for infant domestic adoption. We are so excited to finally try something that would put us closer to being parents. It has been a long struggle. I was speaking to my friend whom was adopted at a baby about the struggles that lay in front of us. She told me that it's more often than not, the struggle only exist for those that know nothing but rumors of adoption. She said think of it in this manner, everyone thinks they know what Japanese food is like because there's a restaurant down the street that sells sushi, but since I've lived there numerous of times, I know that what they know is not right. Correcting them is pointless as they will never go to Japan themselves to prove me right or wrong.

We heard and read all kinds of horror stories from people about adopting children and Hubby and I are ready for the journey. He is a social worker and has so many clients that come through his doors that are the product of happy families, middle class families, loving homes and even educated, but somewhere life threw them a bone that they couldn't eat. They weren't prepared or didn't do well with what they had to tackle the problem. And like that, their lives changed for the worse. It can happen to anyone, even the best of us. When children are adopted, they are cared for by adults that try their best to equip their children with all the right tools to handle life's problems. No matter what the adult's childhood was like, their decisions will be their own for their own path. I'm just glad that Hubby and I will get the chance to actually instill in a child rather from my own womb, a friend's womb or a stranger's womb.

It is just a matter of tackling the mountain of paperwork ahead of us.
Details to come, I promise!


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