Medical Bill Pile Up

When you make a left here onto I-90 you will run right into a medical bill pile up. Be care because small bills really create a mess. One visit here and another over there and the next thing you know this heavy envelope comes from the middle of nowhere and side swipes you. Slowly look inside because there is a massive bill that the insurance company decided that they "can't cover". Don't take this beaten laying down. Get up and fight because there's nothing left but your wallet and your sanity when there's Medical Bill Pile Up on I-90.

When Hubby and I started paying down debt, we already knew we had $800 in medical bills. The bill was nearly 3 years old. We would pay money on it here and there, but not constantly enough to pay them off. Once it was time to get serious with paying down what we owe, we placed the two bills in the pile and began to pay on them when the smaller one was done. Right around the fourth month of the Dave Ramsey's plan, we decided to do the 4th IUI. The insurance company declines a part of this procedure and were were prepared to pay for that. What we were not prepared for was the prep for the IUI procedure. I wanted to give acupuncture a try that led to finding out that my pelvis was crooked. Then I spent two and half months getting my hips popped into place with a chiropractor. Those bills added up quickly.

We welcomed 2016 with over $200 worth of medical bills and no baby. According to Dave's plan, you stop paying the large payments on the debt and pay the current smaller debt and them return to the current debt. The problem was that we did not go back to paying down the $800 medical bill. We went straight to the next credit card and totally forgot about that bill. The debt collector didn't send a notice neither. Oh, but I noticed that bill hiding out on our desk and I knew we had to make a decision. Should we finish paying off the high interest credit card debt or the medical bill...

We stuck to the plan. We went in order of the amount owed. The $800 medical bill slid between credit card one and credit card two. We tackled it in two months and with a smile. We were happy to know that we no longer will owe this medical bill. We also paid for the $200 medical bill that we incurred throughout the holiday season. We have about two more payments left on the second credit card. It's such an uplifting feeling, to tell our money to pay what we want it to pay for, rather than have the money pull us all around.

If you are faced with sudden bills, put them in line with the rest according to the total amount due. You might have to pay a little each month until the bill is first in line to receive the current large payment. Stay strong and focused and don't let sudden problems throw you off your path. Remember that you are "Gazelle Intense"!


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