Doing it for the Future

We are busting out butts to pay down our debt because we want our future to be as pain free as possible. We don't want to keep owning someone every month for things that weren't paid for outright. I hate the misconception our society and even parents sold to us. The bucket of lies they sold that you can buy whatever you want as long as you pay it back; never mind how long it takes to pay it back. That's a load of horse-ish! Can you walk in to a clothing store and give them $10 for a $100 pair of jeans? No! So why do we apply that concept to couches, cars, houses and more? Why do we think it's ok to owe for everything we ever consume? I don't get it and I don't want to get caught up in that lifestyle.

Hubby and I want to live with the concept of Cash is King. So many countries around the world do not take credit cards for good reason. They want cash or debit. So after we finish off our student loan debt, we plan on saving for a house. That could mean that we won't own property until we are 45 years old! Yikes! We have toyed with the idea of buying a really small home or townhome for under $40,000 so that we can pay less to rent and more to debt. The verdict is still out on that one.

I really want to feel comfortable and a rental makes it difficult. We have soooo many rules in our new complex that it should have deterred us from renting here. We can't have a Christmas tree or pets or even wind chimes. But we shall not lose focus on the BIG goal. We want to be debt free and allow our dreams to pave the road. We don't want society's views to steer us down a deep hole with a rocky bottom.

If you are thinking of giving up, please keep the main goal front in center. Keep you eyes on your financial future and know that there is an end to this dark tunnel.

I believe in you and I'm walking right along side of you.


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