5 Tips For Fun This Summer

Its March and Hubby and I are thinking of summer. I know some of you are shocked since it's still a little cold out, but our snow has melted and the birds are chirping. That means that summer will early and warmer than usual! Camp site reservations are opening soon and summer activity schedules are opening everywhere. I'm so excited!

We want to make sure that we are well prepared to enjoy the joys of summer so we are getting a head start. I figured that I should share some great tips I learned years ago. Don't wait for summer to sneak up on you and your family. Welcome it well prepared, emotionally and financially.

1. Make a List of Summer Activities
We love to try new restaurants and we save up for this every winter. We try 2-4 new restaurants each month and spend no more than $25 at each place. Sometimes we have enough money for a meal each and other times we have to share. We just want the experience. We are also campers, swimmers, travelers and theater lovers. We make sure that these activities are on our list.

2. Mark Your Calendars
As a tax accountant, I am finally free to do things from April 20. Hubby and I make sure that we have a large and small activity or trip each month from May until September. We fill in the weekdays also. How about having ice cream on a Wednesday or a picnic dinner by sunset on a Monday? Make sure to enjoy all 100 plus days of warm weather.

3. Set a Dollar to Your Fun
Make sure to set a max for your fun so that you can enjoy the next activity knowing that you didn't kill your wallet. Hubby and I love to lay out a picnic on the weekends. That is free. We set a max of $100 for a camping weekend. This includes the lot rental, and firewood. The food is apart of our weekly grocery money. If you notice that your budget can't handle activities with a large cost, check out #4.

4. Search for the Free Stuff
Every city and town has free fun for families in the summer. This is the time of the year that areas show off. Go to a free festival and just enjoy the free music and games. Zoos and museums are often free once each month. Seek out these activities and add them to your calendar. If you are a parent, try to keep your calendar secret and surprise your children with each activity as the time comes near.

5. Join a Group
Check out your local library for groups that enjoy getting together in the summer. Hubby wants to join a bowling league and I want to join a book club. How much fun would that be to do something different this summer?

Tip** Be careful with summer camps for children. These activities are often expensive and only half a day. They can come with extra fees for early morning and early evening times and a lunch fee.
Tip** Make sure to check your total budget before you begin spending. Hubby and I have been saving since last summer for this summer so we have an estimate of what we will have for summer fun.

Happy Planning,
From Maruki


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