I Miss You

Nearly six years ago I said I DO to my life partner. I spent a number of days wondering and dreaming about our future and what was ahead. I dreamt about being his wife, his friend and the mother of his children.

My past, I miss you.

I miss how easy those days were. How naive we were to the troubles of adulthood. We thought it was difficult balancing a Master degree and a job. We thought it was tough deciding between taking the summer off to play or take one more class. We thought it was a tough decision to cram one last study hour or get one more hour of sleep.

I miss those days.

I miss the days of lazy evenings spent decising what I should blow $20 on. Or rather it was a good use of money to attend a festival or buy a new dress. I miss the days where I was actually free to just daydream because the future was not near.

But the future is here. Day dreams are now a reality and tomorrow is today and yesterday. I miss my past where it was easier to pretend about today. Pretend that I have time to make any decision anytime I want. I miss you my past, but I am happy to be where I am today. I am happy that my future is today and my past happened the way it did!


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