Dissing Debt

I pride myself on being savvy with money. I am a tax accountant with a Master in Finance, but my husband and I have debt. Lots of school debt! We have also seen this debt as "good" debt, because we were taught that it wasn't bad debt. Universities teach that having school debt isn't bad and that banks will even exclude it from our first home purchases.

Outside of school debt, other consumer debt is often ignored. I have heard of a hundred different excuses to why debt is "normal". Even my own parents have said "everyone has debt". But Mr. Mind and I know better. We want better. We are trying for a family and we don't want looming debt hanging over our heads forever. We don't own a home yet and we won't invest in that debt until the rest of the consumer debt is paid off.

Ever heard of Dave Ramsey? He is very aggressive and opinionated about debt. He hates it with  a passion and will call you out on your over spending. I grabbed his book and Hubby and I read it within a week. I made notes everywhere within the book like a college student. Dave Ramsey gives some pretty sound advice on common consumer debt. He peels back to the main problem, human greed and emotion. ( He gives some advice on investments that I believe you should run past trusted investors to get different opinions.)

We jumped on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon with both feet in. It will be a crazy journey, but we want to be free from financial bondage.

Join us on Mondays as we total up and start dissing our debt. (like our infomercial slogan?)

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