What I am Reading

I read many blogs where families are reading together daily. Children have their own monthly reads as well as the parents. I thought you guys would love to know what I am diving into this month.

Yes, I know this is a children's book. What is wrong with reading fun books that are made to give children a proper balance between imagination and life lessons? I have already gotten past chapter one in the first day and I'm captured by the adventurous rabbits. I will follow this up with the sequel, The Black Star, next month.

I read Aesop Fables quite often. I love how life's lessons intermingle with animals, nature and people. I believe that I will be able to get similar and unique life lessons from Proverbs. I am hoping to find hope for our infertility struggle via Proverbs. 

I plan on updating you guys what I am reading each month. My reading slows down in the winter months because I teach children and I am busy reading the books for their lessons. I can share those also.


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