Loving Beyond-Aldi Haul

I love my husband! I loved him when I said "Yes!" and "I Do!" I would do anything for his health so that he could be with me forever on this big blue green ball. Hubby has been on a gluten free diet for nearly two years. It has been a cooking struggle and pleasure. I have damaged so many brownies, cookies, pancakes and more. But sweet hubby ate them all. Sometimes with a smile and other times not. Such a sweetie.

To decrease the amount of gluten free disasters, I try to add in a few prepackaged goods. With that thought it mind, I finally walked into Aldi. I heard that they had a few gluten free items along with cheap meats and canned goods. I am always a little leary with cheap meats because of a not so happy experience a few years ago...I dont want to remember it.

Well check out our small haul. I was able to find gluten free crackers, cookie mix, cornbread and tortilla wraps. We rounded out our grocery shopping with cans of beans and tomatoes, frozen lemonade, seasoned mozzarella cheese, lettuce, a can of mixed nuts, dried fruit and cinnamon sugar sweet potatoes chips. I put fear aside and bought ground beef and brats. Our total bill was under $30!

Totally my kind of grocery bill!



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