Second Time's A Charm?

Second time's a charm right? Well we hoped so. Mr. Mind and I went in for the second donation procedure in June. We were much more relaxed and calm. We knew what to expect and where to go. We used the best ovulation sticks and I kicked managed the coffee habit two weeks prior. I've spent a month increasing my intake of fruits and veggies with smoothies and juicing. Strawberry picking for my business, SpoonFull, helped to increase the intake. I heard so much about the pineapple core trick and tried it when we were trying naturally. So I tried the pineapple again this time. I limited a lot of stress this time. My three jobs are currently now down to two and soon to be down to one. More on that later...

It took a while to accept the percentage possibility of getting pregnant that the doctor gave. I am satisfied that the more I try this, the higher the chances of pregnancy, yet the poorer we will be. Mr. Mind and I are giving this the good ole baseball homage: "One...two...three strikes you out with our limited babbbby fund!!!" Just in case you didn't know, infertility treatments are EXPENSIVE!! Due to privacy of the donor and the helping agency I can't go into costs details for all the medical parts, but I will try to give averages in a separate post.

Well, I just wanted to report that try #2 did NOT work. We are not pregnant...Boo Hoo! Third Times a Charm I bet.

As for now, I am sitting back and enjoying the summer weather. Lemonade in a glass and mushrooms on the grill. Husband and I are just counting down to try #3!


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