Another New Place

We have been on the hunt for another new place for two months now. We tolerated this apartment all winter and won't spend another winter in it. We spent so much time last summer picking what we thought was a family home. We wanted to bring our first born home here and hopefully our second if we hadn't bought a home by then. We were confronted with a host of lies and surprises since we moved in.

What we failed to notice:

1. The landlords placed air fresheners all around the front door of the duplex and the hallway. We thought it was because they were painting. No, it was because the front porch contains (still there) a fire hazard worth of junk from the downstairs neighbor and friend. The friend (more on that later) finally cut up one urine soaked rug and washed two others that have hug outside all winter over the wood fence. YUCK!

2. No HEAT the first week of January. Did I ever mention that we live in Minnesota? We didn't have heat for a week and the landlord asked us to buy a space heater until she can fix it. They came over with a hair dryer to "melt the pipes". The wife left her space heater the second day after kindly letting us know it was her Christmas present. I really didn't care who gave her what, we were freezing. They finally hired someone on day 5 when we threatened to leave this apartment and have them send our deposit check to the lawyers.

3. The friend from above isn't a friend that "hangs around" he actually lives in the downstairs unit. The landlord acted surprised when we told her that him and his loud dog have taken over the tiny backyard. He doesn't clean up after the dog nor is it on a leash. The landlords said that he just visits but come to find out that he makes tenant #3 in a two bedroom apartment.

4. Smoke! The landlord forgot to tell us about all the smoking the lower tenants partake in. They smoke cigarettes and weed like it's no tomorrow. And since my husband is asthmatic, and we want to see tomorrow, we are going to leave.

5. Old and Nasty Bathroom. We knew that the bathroom was a little old but that's not the problem. The problem is that the landlord knows that the tub backs up and taught how to plunge it every month to get the water to flow smoothly. That's disgusting and they are beyond lazy. They don't want to fix it at all.

6. Mickey Mouse is in the House. The landlords were called twice for the two mice that ran around our apartment for a month. Their response "did you lay down traps?" We were living here for less than 6 months and had the rudest visitors.

7. Cherry on top. We were informed about the "nursing home" across the street and how they would get a visit from the ambulance nearly every day. We thought we could manage that. But what were not informed of was the fact that it's nothing more than a low income housing building that the police, ambulance and fire department is dispatched there 3 times a day on average. Nothing ever seems to happen but they make a lot of noise all night and day long!!!!

8. Broken doesn't mean fix, it means ignore. The landlords know of the leaky attic, the loud broken ceiling fan, all the screens that fell out the screened in porch, the unpainted rooms when we moved in and the unfinished wood floors. They have done nothing to fix these issues.

9. They only come by for a rent pick-up. We receive monthly text messages to kindly place our rent check in the mailbox. It's no way I can live with someone bothering me monthly for rent. We always paid rent on time without reminders and then we come into this slumlord's space and now she thinks we need a gentle reminder...every...single...month!

So now you see why this apartment duplex is a one year and done kind of place. We can not stay any longer. We fulfilled our responsibility of one year and we ran away to somewhere nicer, quieter, cleaner and smoke free August 1st!


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