Spring Cleaning

Stop in the Name of Spring!

Don't let another week go by without adjusting your home to a lighter and brighter time of the year. There are a few steps to take that will make the next two weeks a smooth transition from winter to summer. (For those in the south that have been experiencing warmer weather through out March, you can ignore the previous statement.)

So get your mops ready ladies- It's Spring Cleaning Time!

Day One:

Clean the Freezer and Fridge

Step One- Clear off the counters and Kitchen table. This will allow you to pull everything out the freezer.

Step Two-Grab an empty trash bag. This should be ready just in case you pull out some UFF (unidentified funky foods) !

Step Three- Grab and Sort. Place all identified foods on the counters and table. If you don't know what it is, make a separate pile. If its too old to figure it out, you can always defrost it and decide rather to eat it.

Step Four- The Empty Vessel Gets Scrubbed! That means chip away all the ice build-up with a knife, or screw driver (hubby hates when I use that). Scoop it all into the sink/tub/outside and give the freezer a nice wipe down. A little dishsoap or vinegar wash will do the trick.

Step Five-Resort It. Don't just through everything back inside. Gather all your veggies and fruits. Can you enjoy these this week? If not, place them in the freezer. If so, place in the fridge for meal prep. Meat that's near the 6 month mark should get more careful consideration. Defrost it and cook it this week.You might not have to grocery shop this week because you had everything in the freezer. Everything else that needs to return to the freeze should go back but in a fashion that anyone can find something.

**Do you have a bunch of tiny items such as single popsiles or lunch bag ice packs? Head to the dollar store and grab a plastic container. Place all these small items inside and bring some organization to the frozen hole.

Return to Step One and work on your fridge. Don't forget to check the expiration dates on condiments. Make a list of all the items that need to be repurchased and buy them when they go on sale.

Here in my state, it is very common for people to buy a quarter, half and even whole cow, pig and lamb. If you don't clean up and organize now, you won't have space for your summer bounty.
I hope this helps jump start your cleaning process before summer arrives. Try the pantry and cupboard next. Get rid of the over flowing plastic cups and bowls that hold on to germs better than super glue.

Make your summer a sunny, and clutter free one!


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