Happy Belated New Year!

My husband and I spent 14 days in sunny North Carolina and chilly Washington DC for the holidays. I loved being around family and friends for two weeks and forgetting all about the worries and problems that 2014 dished out. I ate so much food during those two weeks that I think I gained 3 pounds. But I don't care because I ended 2014 nearly 33 pounds less than when I began the year.

I am one of those people that make new years resolutions. I make birthday resolutions too!(Don't judge me!) So I wanted to share my list for 2015 and no it doesn't include weight loss. Being gluten free and limited on nightshades is enough to make pounds fall off.

2015 Resolutions

1. Keep Growing my Own Business (www.spoonfullofjelly.com)
2. Read the Book of Proverbs
3. Start our Family (one way or another!)
4. Go Overseas (lofty wish!)
5. Read even more books
6. Stop biting nails again
7. Move again
8. Join a few different kind of groups for fun and friends
9. Learn how to make gluten free bread, rolls and biscuits

I will continue to study and broaden by financial skills and learn to accept the things I can't change and change the things that I can. I'm blessed to see another year and have my husband, brother, parents and family by my side. Happy Belated New Year!


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