Operation Christmas Child 2014

I am proud to announce that I planned this years Packing Party at my church. Last year was the first year my church packed boxes together. We had many donations of toys, school supplies and toiletries. It was very nice to see how many people were supporting children around the world.

My parents were in town to deliver my childhood things (more on that soon) and they got to see a video of the Operation Christmas Child program at my church. They were moved by why a small donation, and a big prayer can mean a life changing opportunity for a child in this cruel world. They even wanted to participate.

November is a big month in our church. It's mission's month and we many of our missionaries come home to update, teach and show us what they have been doing all year. We also celebrate the different cultures in our church. I feared that adding another project such as OCC, wouldn't fit in this busy month, but the congregation proved me wrong again this year.

Congratulations to my Church for packing 53 shoe boxes this year! 

We packed 15 more this year, let's try to double that next year!


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