Retail Madness

I got a part-time job at a national clothing retail for the holidays. I know...I know... I'm crazy! But I had no other choice. I needed to take advantage of the money that I will be able to make.

But clothing stores are nuts this time of the year. The store gets a shipment nearly everyday and the clothes are flying off the shelves just as fast as we are placing them on there. Outrageous sales are beginning and antsy shoppers are coming out. When my friend asked how it was going, my first response was "It's nuts!". But now I just say "I hate this!"

The biggest benefit for working retail this holiday season is the $1000 I should be able to save and the $600 I'll use to pay off a credit card. Oh, let me not forget the 15% discount I can stack on top the sales and clearance prices for everyone's gifts.

To make matters better, my sweet hubby noticed how stressed I've been with the retail job so he applied for one too. He said if I'm going to suffer in the evening than he will too! How sweet! So together we will plow through this holiday season like crazy folks because of all the retail madness!


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