What I didn't Accomplish

At first I wanted to title this post, "What I didn't Finish", but I don't want to convey that I actually started these tasks. I have failed to complete a few of my 30 While 30 tasks by the end of August. While I have completed so many tasks up until this point, I am slightly disappointed in myself. I played alot, forgot some and ignored a few. To be fair to myself, most of my short comings are no fault of my own. I planned it all out and gave it a good old fashion try and for some, I damn near killed myself to accomplish it. However, time has run out. I am now 31 years old!

Task #1 Travel Abroad Again
Mr. Mind and I were unable to book an international trip over the past 365 days. However we will be skipping across the water to the Caribbean in Feb. 2015!

Task #15 Pass a Level of the Japanese Proficiency Test
Two test dates came and went. I just simply did not register. I have not studied enough to justify taking the test. Hopefully I will gain enough knowledge and confidence to sit for the test, a third time.

Task #25 Start a Family
With every ounce of energy, we tried our best to start a family. Our infertility has only allowed for us to pursue adoption or a donor. I did not complete this task, but we are moving forward to selecting the right path for us to start a family.

Task #30 Save for a Lime Green VW Beetle
I am sad to announce that the new VW Beetles do not come in lime green. Sad! However, they have made some significant changes to the the shape of the dome top, and customized details. I saved over $1500 for my dream car, but had to use all of it to pay bills. I had not obtained employment and needed to use all my savings. One day I will replenish my savings and buy a VW Beetle!

Task # Do Something Daring
"I Dare you. No! I Triple Dog Dare You!"
That taunt still plays in my mind when I am faced with outrageous tasks such as skiing down a mountain or swimming with micro-sized jelly fish. My latest challenge was going to be something difficult such as get a tattoo or sky dive. I was ready, but my wallet wasn't. Everything that I could think of costed hundreds of dollars. Perhaps I can finish this one next year.


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