To my Wife and Child to Come

Dear Baby,

I have learned some of the biggest difficulties of parenthood, before I am a parent. I have encountered some of the biggest decisions of my life, and how you will come. Fortunately your mom and I have been able to talk it through, and continually pray for the right decision. While the decision is still in limbo, I want you to know that you will be greatly loved. We will cherish you, and help you grow and develop into a man, A Man of God. I will teach you how the world works, and how to live in it. I can't wait for the day to hold you, to see you grow, your smile. Your mom have been asking me forever to post a message, this message is for you and her. 

Love is the strongest attribute I have. Its the reason I go to work even when tired, and it is also the reason I am willing to work more. Love has helped me overcome things that I was scared of, and has scared me from the things that can hurt me. It has strengthen my path, and the reason why I am the man I am. For every thought of quitting, giving up, it was love that helped me overcome. Wife and child, I am also a man of God, therefore I must exhibit the attributes of my father. Though I am not perfect, I try hard. 

See Wife and Child there will be mistakes. I will not be perfect, because I am learning. Everyday I am learning to be a husband, and will be learning how to be a father. There will be some aspects that I am prepared for, and there will be many more that catch me off guard. I will not always have the answer, and some of my answers may not make sense at all. There will also be actions that you will not understand, and that is ok. Sometimes I will just have to do what I feel is best. So far it has yielded good outcomes. I am still learning. 

Together we will be a family. I don't know how many of you children there will be, but we will be a family. We will love each other, and learn to express ourselves. I want you all to be free thinkers, and have the ability to express your individual personalities. I want you all to be the best that you can be, and I will help you get there. It will not be easy, Life just isn't easy. But we will make it. Just know my love is great, my faith is continually being strengthened, and I am continuing to grow. As I grow, we will grow. 

What a Family we are!!

Love,Daddy (Mr. Mind)


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