My Island

I want to get away from the fertile world. I want to escape all things baby. I don't want to see a stroller, or a onesie, or a diaper. I don't want to drive pass a playground or baby boutique. I don't want to make a funny face for a smile or smile when they smile back. Please don't ask me to hold them. (Even though I want to.)

Is there an infertile (IF) island that people can move to? A place that's free of droll, cries and coos. A place that doesn't have little bows, tiny shoes and cute hats. Perhaps IF Island will have all things adult and readily available. Check your worries at the door and leave your IF problems at the door.

  • Toss aside crappy fruit punch and tired apple juice. You can drink all the energy drinks, coffee and liquor you want. 
  • The word 'baby' is abolished unless you are talking about your significant other. Call your wife Sexy and your husband Hottie. No one is judging. 
  • There will be no chicken nuggets, mushy peas or bland proteins. Adults have teeth and we have the right to use them.
  • Couple related activities will dominate the area. Date night is every night and there are no curfews (babysitters create these) nor early dinner times. Only elderly and babies eat at 4pm. 
  • You don't have to worry about "family-friendly" decor wrapped around your favorite burger joint. You eat and enjoy your company at a restaurant, not stare at the walls.
  • What's a Potty Mouth? If you want to say the word "damn!" without whispering go right ahead. 
  • Adults like being naked too! Hey, we can even have a nudist beach, pool bar and restaurant without a 'child' warning.

A Place Where We can Forget it All!
My island's only requirement is that if you get pregnant or adopt, you have to leave. Yes, you get booted off, voted off, eliminated. There is another couple waiting to take your place. There is another man or woman sadden by their infertility diagnoses and wishes to ignore and forget the whole thing. The rest of the world would love to coo and smile over that the new bundle of joy in your life. But us on IF Island are enjoying our mojito and spicy nachos, beach side, naked, while shouting 'What The Hell' at the latest game on tv.


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