Message from a Child

Back in April, I ran into a lady from church going into a meeting. I wanted to ask her if we can meet to discuss adoption. At the time, she was holding her adopted daughter and I didn't know if she had revealed this to her or not so I said "I heard that you can help me with a-d-o-p-t-i-o-n info." The lady responded and said "Oh, yes. You don't have to spell it out. 'A' knows all about adoption." 'A' turns and says "I'm adopted!" She went on to explain that her mom got her from the hospital a few hours away.

Well last week, 'A' walks up to me at the end of the church service and asks "Are you going to adopt?" I was floored and caught off guard. How did this 5 year old remember a short conversation more than 4 months ago? She has seen me a number of times since then and she never spoke a word about the conversation, until that day. I told her that I went to a meeting to learn all about it and we will adopt a baby one day. She said ok, smiled and just stared at me. When I looked back down to her, she was gone. She must have been satisfied with my answer.

I told Mr. Mind what happened on the way home and he said that it could have been a message from G-d. Perhaps we are to open our hearts and home to a child that has no permanent home and that was G-d's way of expressing what our path will be. Children are often the gatekeepers to things forgotten, pure joy and innocent love. Little 'A' displayed that today. She seemed to be happy to know that another adult is willing to adopt a baby just as she was adopted.

We are still toying with our two options and looking for ways to pay for either option. Mr. Mind said this weekend "I feel pulled between a child that needs a loving home vs bringing one into this world." I agree. I am torn too. Did 'A' just help us with this decision?


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