Support Groups

Have you ever been to a support group? You can find a support group for any problem or situation under the sun. For us TTC people, we can reach out to any corner of the web and find an online support group. But what do you look for in a support group? Are they really meant to make you feel better? Do they allow or even provide a chance for one to speak up and perhaps cry out?

Right now, Mr. Mind and I need to find some sort of support group or counseling. Attitudes, emotions and fear is finally showing it's ugly head around our home. We never got to focus on the issue because we had a family death, family wedding, a move to a new place as well a business trip nearly every 2-3 weeks since May. But now it's silent. When there aren't any distractions, your real problems shine.

Infertility is our problem!

Oh, did I mention that my mother told my whole side of the family? Oh yes, every aunt, cousin and even my brother and sister-in-law. Everyone is trying to figure out what is the best course of action for us. I'm getting calls and texts about what we can do and should do. Is this a support group? How about my mother-in-law believes that we should just keep trying. She's too embarrass to tell anyone. Does that mean we don't have a support group on that side of the family?

I finally spoke up to our assistant pastor when he asked about Mr. Mind and how he's coping with the lost of his cousin. I said that he needs some emotional help. He needs a male friend. Perhaps this is our support group.

Nonetheless, we have to figure out where to go and whom to turn to so we can let it all out. We both are so hurt that this burden is upon (given to?) us.


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