A Nail Biter

#20- Stop biting and picking at my nails

I picked up a bad habit from my mother. I bite my nails. I have been biting them at least since I was in middle school. It a horrible habit and I never knew how much it stands out to other. Women check out other women's nails. Men check out women's nails. It's a symbol of cleanliness, attitude and swagger. Nails are an embellishment to your outfit, and your personality. They are a statement of who you are no matter how they are designed. I do not visit the nail salon weekly nor monthly. I usually only go once or twice a summer and hardly ever in the winter. I didn't see the need for painted nails, but now that I am older I see why they are important. Even my doctor looked at my nail beds. Your body will show signs of diabetes and calcium deficiency along the nail bed. Your nails are important.

I finally stopped biting my nails. It took a while. I was doing well last fall, but then money was tight, holidays were approaching and I began to bit again. Winter is always brutal on hair and nails and I just helped it along. I finally threw the habit to the wall, May 2014. I realized that my nails wont help the situations that I am in and that I need to find a better outlet to my emotions. I thought that perhaps I can use writing, but I always do that. Then I thought of gum which turned to food. I kicked that habit, because I am still working on 30 While 30 #19.

Now my journey was slow. I spent all of May and half of June with my fingers still in my mouth, only when people weren't looking. Then I kept a light pink color on them. When I go to bite them, I will see the color and try to resist. When I do nibble on them, I will see the damage to the paint and be forced to
repaint that nail. So far, I love my new nails. I have broken two, but did not bite them. I'm proud to say, I stopped biting my nails!


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