Potato-less Year

One year ago Mr. Mind stopped eating potatoes. He learned more about how foods was making his skin condition worse and he began to remove them from his diet. First to go was the potato. That meant no more wonderful mashed potatoes. I was sad, because I love french fries and hash-browns. But Mr. Mind told me that I shouldn't give them up like I had given up wheat.

He accidentally consumed some potatoes twice that resulted in a breakout, but he has stuck to his guns. He didn't budge when we ate burgers and I indulged in fries. He didn't eat potatoes just because it was apart of the restaurant's pre-made plate. He made modifications and substitutions, often at our own expense.

"Hey restaurants, stop charging people to making changes to foods they can't eat. Sweet potatoes shouldn't be an extra $2. They costs the same in the grocery store!"

Mr. Mind has taken a liking to sweet potato fries and stuffed sweet potatoes. We have used Jersey sweet potatoes in various ways including chopped into soups and breakfast hash. Not my favorite as it made savory soups sweet. Yucca is our next adventure this winter. We will investigate how to use it more like a potato and bring back some starchy texture this winter. All I can think of is clam chowders, beef stews, and vegetable soups. I can't wait!

Congrats Hubby for taking your health into your own hands and healing yourself!
From, Maruki


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