Ocean Side Fun

#2- See the Pacific Ocean

I was going through my 30 While 30 list, and I noticed that I nearly forgot about our travels to Costa Rica. That trip was our wonderful honeymoon. We spent 10 days basting in the sun and running in and out of the Pacific Ocean. The sun drenched sand was only a few short steps from our one bedroom suite. We went in May, the beginning of the off-season, and was among just a handful of people on the resort. Every time we went into town, we were with locals instead of other tourists. I loved that!
We took a relaxing boat ride out in the bay and went snorkeling. I loved the snorkeling part of the trip as well as the seafood lunch, but I was quickly paralyzed by seasickness. The smallest rock in a boat and I'm hunched over trying to keep my head from spinning off. My new husband thought it was fun to snap a picture of me while I was waiting for the seasick pill to kick in. It's ok, but I got a picture of him scared to death to get in the water to snorkel.

Food in Costa Rica was enough of a reason to return year after year. Since there were only a few tourists around, we got to enjoy conversations with locals, many were Ex-Canadians and we learned about this lovely restaurant that's attached to a tiny hotel within a neighborhood. Once we arrived, the restaurant announced that it's BOGO sangria night. We took a couple of those alongside paella. The paella was so delicious, that we wanted to bathe it in, perhaps it was the sangria talking.

This picture is an example of a typical Costa Rican breakfast. We could not believe how yummy was red beans and rice. We have had them from New Orleans plenty of times, but the spices were so different. You got to try it. The tortilla [in the middle] was delicious with the plantain and sausage. Every morning included a basket of breads and a bowl of fruit. My honeymoon was when I learned that I am allergic to papaya as my lips and tongue swelled to an uncomfortable state.

We traveled through out Costa Rica and landed in the mountain region for the remainder of our trip. Once again, we were nearly alone at the resort. We went into town and chatted with locals that knew enough English and didn't mind Mr. Mind's broken Spanish. We got private tours, not that we paid for them, but because no one else was there. We even went on a long hike, (I think it was 5 miles) down the side of a mountain to get to a wonderful waterfall. We splashed around in the water before realizing that we had to go back the same way we came...not fun!
Perhaps next summer, Mr. Mind and I can go back to the Pacific Ocean in California or Washington. But for now, I am satisfied knowing that I completed another 30 Before 30, with my husband and loved it!


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