Crunchy Part Two

Replacement Time!

After my co-worker had thrown out everything, it's time to start replacing the food in her home. Together we went on a shopping trip. Before we began, I had to figure out how she cooks so i see how to shop. There are two mind frames to use when one shops in a grocery store:
1.) Homemade cooking
2.) Semi-homemade (Helloooo, Sandra Lee).

We will start with the gluten items 

If you were a flour leveling, baking soda measuring, broth simmering cook, then learning the proper replacement ingredients is what you will need. However, if you were a box opening, 2 egg cracking, heat up in the oven kind of cook then you will need to learn about the companies and it's products to buy.

The first thought most people have is to go directly to the "Natural" section of the grocery. This section is over priced and often a repeat of other cheaper products. Our local grocery stores do an excellent job labeling items gluten free with a bright green tag next to the price. Together my co-worker and I moved about the grocery store flipping the sides of boxes and bags to check out all the ingredients. We used her Elimination List to first find the company products that I (yes, its my family's opinion) believe are the best. I explained how close the taste and texture is to the gluten product and rather her family will notice and how long it might take them to get use to the new product.

Then we ventured into the flour aisle. This aisle needs a chair because the lesson that was provided took a while to explain and comprehend. We focused on all the flours and how they are created. We started with whole wheat and white wheat and moved on to white rice flour, brown rice flour, millet flour and more. I used this as my cheat sheet to explain everything and to create the best flour mixture for her.

Now on to Dairy Free
Being Dairy Free is more of a challenge when converting old family favorites. I introduced her to pre-made replacements with this guide. Now that we are entering the grilling season, her children will be looking for melted cheese on burgers, pasta with Parmesan cheese and mayo. I had to explain that Soy, and Tofu based cheeses do not have the same melting and mixing consistency nor flavor. I explained how long I believe it would take her family to get use to the products as well as it's recognizing point in food.

Since eggs are out the picture for her daughter, I explained that there are other alternatives that she can still use. This guide made for kids gives good alternatives. I favor the banana, applesauce and gelatin options.

Now I am very picky when it comes to ice cream. My husband has the dairy issue and is not a big fan of ice cream, so I stick to my cows milk dairy! However, I explained to my co-worker, keep something familiar to your daughter and stick with icy pops (Popsicle). Those lovely, sugar filled, frozen fruit on a stick will be a bit of comfort for her as everything food related spins around her this summer. After she comes comfortable with her new dairy free diet, you can taste test dairy free ice cream. I suggest starting with almond milk based first!
Until Next time!


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