Crunchy Change #5

Ready to get even crunchier?

Let's look at your Kitchen. This is the heart of the home. The place that everyone gathers, and eats. It houses all the changes you made so far. Take a look at your pots and pans. Are you cooking with nonstick and coated pans? Check out how bad those pans are for your heath here. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of websites out there that will boast about the goodness of nonstick pans, but the goal is to be crunchy right? The goal is to limit all the extra mess that is added for convenience and ease and stick to basics even if it requires extra work. Because who is afraid of extra work?

Change Little by Little but Lasts Time After Time

Stainless steel pots and pans 
     *Target, Khols and JC Penny run sales a couple times a year. I have a full set that is 3 years old and looks great.

Cast Iron pot and pan. 
     * I have a cast iron dutch oven. I am working on the pan.

Going Plastic Container Free
     *This is challenge #10 on hubby's and I's list. We have recycled so many plastic containers. Our post college life was filled to the max with plastic. We currently own a glass mixing bowl set and a ceramic baking set, however both sets comes with plastic/rubber tops. We have 6 plastic storage containers and we plan on getting rid of those this summer! It's not just about BPA, its about buying for longevity. Plastic stains, collects smells and particles and are not environmentally safe.

Going Plastic Bag Free
     *Now this is a challenge. Last month we invested in reusable snack bags. I always wanted some, but was nervous that my Hubby thought I was getting too crunchy. He came to me and asked if there was a solution to the bags in his lunch. With delight I showed him the reusable bags and we order them right away! Check out the brand I bought, Bumkins and the brand I'm getting next, Itzy Ritzy.

Recycling and Upcycling
     *If you don't recycle, please so. Ikea sells some awesome bins (plastic and tin) that can house all your goodies. It's an awesome lesson for your children and it will help explain about the waste in waste out, and good in good out concept. Now upcycling is a great concept, but not a new one. People all around the world for some time now has been reusing products in a different fashion than it's original purpose. Turn old jeans into a purse, or a skirt. Or Wear your husband's dress shirt as a dress. Just change a few buttons and throw on a cute belt with a scarf or chunky jewlery. My favorite site for these ideas is Up Cycle That and Apartment Theraphy. Now don't forget donation centers for things that you can't recycle and upcycle.

Until next Time!


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