160 Days Left

I am half way through 30 years old with only half of my list completed. Winter crept in so beautifully then snatched every ounce of energy from me for months on end. I ran from the car to house just to advoid breathing too much frost ridden air. I've seen temps as low as -40F to as high as 45F in the last 3 months. Everyone around me has been sick with all the typical nasty winter colds. I had a cold for 1 week in early March and it wasn't too bad.

Light at the End of the Tunnel
Now that the layers of snow are peeling back like a sweet onion, I have noticed how many months I have left to complete 30 While 30. I have completed nearly 18 tasks so far. With another 12 left on the list, I am trying to make plans to get them done. I noticed that most of the tasks left require money of some sort. How did I manage to do all the free stuff first? Hummm, none-the-less, I must stay on task. Groupon just posted a discount tandem sky-dive adventure. Perhaps I should purchase that for one of my tasks.

 Secret Stash
I am really happy with myself for how well I have nearly completed my secret 30 While 30 tasks. Those #5 tasks were added to my printed version of the list and contain items that you probably don't want to read about. But I will tell you one of them, Pay off the credit card. If I stay on course, I will be able to pay off that card by August 2014. It was a small balance, but it haunted me like a missing sock in the dryer.

So excuse me while I try to finish my list before I turn...31! Yikes!


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