Money Mondays-Freezer Cooking

Freezer Cooking is prepping food in containers or plastics bags with all the ingredients for a meal. I gave this a try last winter for a week. My husband did an excellent job checking the list, pulling out a meal and cooking it. What makes this easy? Well everything is in the bag. I place the meat, veggies, sauce and seasonings. If there was a side dish, I also wrote on the bag what to add and when to add it.

For example, I prep beef and broccoli stir fry. In the bag I write the name of the dish and underneath I write "Cook all in wok. Add bean sprouts at the end of cooking and Serve over rice." Inside the bag I placed the beef, chopped broccoli, onions and the sauce. I laid the bag flat in the freezer until it is frozen. I write the meal name on the side of the freezer on a list.

If you are nervous about storing raw meat with veggies you can always place your meat and sauce a in quart sized bag and place it in the larger bag.

List of blogs to grab some ideas:

  • Once a Month Meals - Many recipes are free, but others require a membership
  • Who Needs a Cape - She explains the process and gives tons of receipes. Don't forget her 40 recipe section at the bottom of the post


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