Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation, DONE!!

Our apartment company has been renovation apartment kitchens when a tenant moves out. We were asked if we wanted an upgrade even though we were staying. So of course we jumped on this idea. We are kind of tired of living the apartment life, so this should make us feel comfortable, "grown-up" and less like an apartment.

Check out the old dated cabinets. The cabinet space was limited and I only had 4 draws. I had to hang all my pots on the walls, which wasn't as cute as I thought!

Now check out our completed Kitchen!

Our storage doubled! We received tall deep cabinets with lots of shelves. Not only was a dish washer installed, but also an exhaust fan and a separate microwave section. Our counter space increased on the left side with the addition of another lower drawer and cabinet. another lower cabinet was installed on the right between the fridge and stove.

Next move is to decorate and add a little color!


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