Learning for Growth

Being a professional requires that one stay abreast in their industry. It is advised that you know the latest changes in laws, software and practices. One blessing for not returning to my previous job was the ability to complete a week long course on the Project Management exam. I really enjoy leading projects and events and this internationally recognized exam will allow for me to obtain a better position doing exactly that. I complete a training course on Visio and Microsoft Project. These two software ease the functions of project management. It is also great to use when managing nonprofit projects and large projects with schools and churches. It allows for you to visually identify what needs to be done, who is doing and if you are on schedule. I love that it plans out the budget for the project and allows for you to present information according to the needs of the audience.

I will combine this certification and my degrees in a job one day. My eyes are open and I have been searching high and low for something that fits me. Until, I'm glad to check off one more 30 While 30!


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