Operation Christmas Child Party

From Operation Christmas Child
Have you heard of Operation Christmas Child? This program, from Samaritan's Purse allows families to pack shoe boxes full of toys, clothing, school supplies, candy and hygiene items for children in need around the world. I was introduced to this program a few years ago. I hosted a party for my company last year and will host one this year with my church.

Something is different this year and it involved some joyful veggies! This Video will be able to explain how Veggie Tales is bringing this mission project alive to children this year. Order your Veggie Tales themed party packing items today!

If you are new to the project, have no fear. You can't go wrong with spreading the good news. This project is allow for a fun shopping trip with your children and spouse. You can allow children to pick which ever gender and age group they want. I try to do one from each age group and each gender. Last year I stuffed 2 boxes. This year I will aim for at least 5 boxes.

To the left is a picture of the beginning of my shoe box stash. This costed about $9. And that includes 3 sand art projects, 3 pencils cases, pencils, candy, and a fork and spoon set. I should have purchased some of the school items during the back-to-school rush in August, but I will make it a mission next year. I have soap, washcloths, crayons, flashlights and coloring books in the mail. I am seeking socks, flip flops and/or hats for the boxes too.

To make the biggest impact this year, I am not aiming to spend more money, but to spread the word. I have spoken to the director of the Awana program that I participate. Hopefully we can get the #150 plus students involved this year. I am also inviting the community/neighborhood to participate in our church's packing party.

How are you spreading the word and packing your boxes?


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