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#13 Be dedicated to SpoonFull of Jelly, LLC

I have a confession,  I own a small business. You might have noticed with the Party Favors tag above. I have dropped hints here and there, but I'm coming out and shouting it to the roof tops. I have faith that one day my small business will be known among the largest and most popular party planners and the hippest brides. I want my business to sustain me financially, and provide a fun environment for my fore-mothers to participate.

I have placed my small business on the back burner for so long. I do a little here and there and fill orders as they come in. I now realize that a corporate job was what was blocking me from progressing with me special skill. Now that I have passed on returning to my previous position, I can now focus on me.

SpoonFull of Jelly, LLC

I attended the Wedding MBA conference in Las Vegas two weeks ago. I learned about all the new trends, and fashions for 2014. I also learned about how to make my business stronger for the wedding industry. I am proud to say, I am dedicated to my business, SpoonFull of Jelly.

Completed 10/1/13


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