Eyes on the Prize

#29 Wear Contacts at Least 50% of the Time

Anyone that knows me knows that I wear glasses all the time. I got my first pair of glasses around the age 5. I started off wearing them to read, then during the day and now I can't see without them. To prevent hurting myself in the blurry world around me, I wore glasses everyday. I had to suffer with every nickname and tease about glasses. Bring them on because I've heard them all.

Around 1998, in high school, I received my first pair of contacts. They were thick and I felt them every-single-time-I-blinked! I just worn them to hang out with friends but my BFF kindly told me that I'm walking about with my eyes wide open like a deer in headlights. Those contacts were tossed. Fast forward to 2002, I got another few pairs with only the right eye (worse eye) being slightly thick. But they were expensive. Glasses took center stage again and I began to buy two or three funky pairs at a time. It was fun changing them out with my outfits.

Now that I am older, my glasses makes me feel like I am 21 again. I need to look more mature and serious. At least have people take me seriously. Now, I know someone is going to say "Why not surgery?" Well, been there tried that. My eyes don't qualify for the latest machines at least not in 2011. I will try again in a few years. But for today, I am now the owner of many comfortable pairs of contacts. They fit well, thank you to advances in technology! I can sport as many funky, sexy sunglasses as I want when I'm lazy, but now I can see the forest and the trees. Fifty percent of my days are frame-less!

#29 Completed


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