PLU do You?

PLU stands for Price Look Code. It is a window into what type of foods you are consuming. PLU codes have fthree to five digits and here is the break down:

  • Three Digit Code that starts with a 4: Conventionally produce grown with pesticides and weed killers
  • Five Digit Code that starts with a 8: GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). Man manipulated the genes of the fruit to make it larger, bug resistant, bright colored etc.
  • Five Digit Code that starts with a 9: Grown organically, without pesticides

How long have these codes been in use? Since 1990! Shocking to many, but please be mindful the next time you shop for produce.

What's next?

I just want to scream! Companies have gone absolutely mad with labels. The American population has been taken advantage of by manipulation of words. Some labels have a meaning and others don't mean a thing.

  • Natural- No meaning unless it contains to meat. It's a marketing term used to convey that it's "organic" when it isn't. 
    • When referenced to meat,  in the U.S., this label means “minimally processed”. Meat can’t have any artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, or any other artificial ingredients. Please keep in mind that animals can still be given antibiotics or growth hormones/enhancers.
  • Organic- Refers to how the food is grown.They may not have received antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal-by-products.
    • "Made with Organic Ingredients"- Don't be fooled by this! This phrase means that at least 75% of ingredients are made organically and they are often promoted on the front package.
    • "Contains Organic Ingredients"- This phrase means that less than 75% are made organically.
  • Certified Organic- Foods are 95%-100% organic.

Need more understanding of food labels, please check out This site also divides the labels by food category.


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