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#7 Host a Themed Party

#1  A good friend has been struggling in her marriage. I wanted to invite her over to chit chat about what concerns ladies rather than dwell on the problems in her home. This small 'party' was Asian themed. We made hand-rolled spring rolls, and ate yummy French inspired desserts. The table was adorned with bamboo place mats, wooden chopsticks and pretty square plates. The centerpiece was a Japanese bowl filled with fruit.

#2  A new friend I met is pregnant with her first child. She is new to this state so I figure it would be nice to throw her a baby shower. A total of 6 ladies were invited to a Sunday brunch at a wonderful restaurant that featured local food. This non-traditional shower included flowers, gifts and no games (her request). We just talked about her, her new changes, and other fun matters of the heart. It was great to have thrown such a delightful event.

No matter if it's for one person or for many, throwing a party is a wonderful way to get together and enjoy each other's company. In the light of emails, text messages and message boards on pages, people rarely get together. I wanted to establish that I still enjoy the company of friends, new and old.

I look forward to our Halloween Dinner party!

Completed 7/16/2013


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