Classics Never Die

#4 Read/Watch 5 Classical Films/Books

The majority of my readings in high school and college, outside of textbooks was classical literature. I even loved dramas written with settings in countries and centuries. I loved the way people viewed others throughout time, how simple life use to be and what families did to get by. It was like a road map for me. I could get off any stop and peek into the past. It provides an excellent example of how I can change my own life to reflect our ancestors.

I spent weeks reading books and watching movies. I wanted to expand upon my knowledge of Classical books and novels. The following is what I drove:


Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett


The Great Gatsby (1974 and 2013)
      I read the book in high school, but never saw a movie based on the book. It was fun watching the 1974 version as well as the 2013 version. The 1974 version does cover more of the book, yet it was a little more violent at the end.

To Have or Have Not (1944)
      This popular movie featuring Humphrey Bogart, was a birthday present from Mr. Mind. We watched this black and white feature at an old theater with an organist that opened the show. Great times.

It was my intention to expand upon my learning by incorporating more sustainable living practices in Mr. Mind and I's life. I investigated how to maintain a garden and rotating our allotment. I knew how to can jams and jellies, but I expanded my knowledge with canning veggies. I even peeked into the world of parenting by reading about French style parenting. Classics change per generation, but I will never stop learning and reading.

#4 Completed 8/22/13


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