Baby Steps 4

Trying for a family is a trying and hard process. I have seen women nearly kill themselves and their spouses just to complete this heavy hearted, daunting task. I refuse to burn myself out. I refuse to kill the romance and joy in my marriage. I will not let starting a family trample over the energy and chemistry Mr. Mind and I have. Our marriage needs to be strong in order to have a strong family. I have seen loving husbands turn on their heels because their wives turned to pain in the you-know-what.

I am longing to see those baby steps in the sand, but my marriage comes first!

Last week my doctor prescribed Clomid. Typical first step no matter what, I see. I have yet to fill that prescription and I probably won't. I don't feel it's the right time. Fall is my husband and I's favorite season. (I love summer more though) We will be enjoying this Autumn together, without pills, fights and pain.

We will experience picking apples, running through corn mazes, and carving pumpkins. Perhaps in November or this winter we will pick back up where we left off. I'm not quite sure. But for now, I will enjoy us!


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