SpoonFull of Jelly- Martha Stewart American Made contest

My Company SpoonFull of Jelly, LLC has been nominated for the Martha Stewart American Made contest. The contest awards an American based company that makes their products right on American soil.

In 2011, I transformed my family's third generation hobby into a business. My grandmother learned how to make homemade preserves from her grandmother. It was only a matter of time before my mother and I learned. SpoonFull of Jelly has brighten special events with tasty jellies and jams. With endless creativity, we dive right into the details of our client's special event to ensure Jelly Favors match the theme and color scheme. Our fruit comes from local family farms and processed in small batches without added colors and preservatives. Summers keep us busy, but we are currently remodeling a kitchen and expanding our tiny orchard. Once we complete the remodel, we will work with local universities to hire culinary students, and local services to hire senior citizens and persons with disabilities. We are 'Spreading Traditions One SpoonFull at a Time'!

Beginning August 26th, please follow the link above and vote for SpoonFull of Jelly, LLC! We love for you to Spread the Love!


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