Life Changes, One Week at a Time

If you have been keeping up with Mr. Mind and I for the past year, you would have learned about his battle with Hidradenitis Suppurative. A quick run down: 'it's a condition that causes red, swollen, painful bumps to form on the body, usually in places where the skin rubs together. They are painful, drain pus or blood and even smell bad. They can linger for weeks or months and even come back.' That was the description from his paperwork from the doctor.

Doctors have NO idea where this skin condition began and when it will end. If you are not mindful of your bodily changes, you can suffer with this for a really long time. Like Mr. Mind, he often ignored them and then his bumps were infected with tons of bacteria, twice! So with nutrition in mind, I hit the internet to find a solution. I wanted a healthy and natural way to heal him and possibly me from whatever is the source.

Reading is fundamental

Ever heard of that? Well I found Primal Girl back in November 2012 right after Thanksgiving. Mr. Mind was in so much pain from indulging in wonderful holiday meals that I had to find a solution. Go over and read Primal Girl's experience. After reading her post, we quickly dropped gluten. I had so much to learn and had to learn it quickly. We were throwing out food with gluten more quickly than I could learn about how to replace it. My grocery bill shot up by $75 a month trying to buy flour, cookies, and bread. After about 4 months of this I realized that Mr. Mind wasn't 100% better and my grocery bill couldn't handle another hit. I went back to Primal Girl only to find that she had a part 2 of her post. What!?!? See? Reading is fundamental.

Change #2

Primal Girl opened my eyes to Night Shades in post number 2. It's a food 'group' that contains Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peppers and Eggplant. Two months after reading about this and after Mr. Mind fought me on removing nightshades from his diet, he was laying in the hospital with an infection. While Hubby was angered, he knew that he had to find a way to cure the problem and not just treat the bumps. The hospital brought so many specialist into the room that I was growing upset. Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Wound Specialists, and many more. I, a wonderful wife, took notes of every drug, its dosage, and the time of day it was administered, even the 4am IVs. We asked for the hospital pharmacist twice to receive a full description of what was given to him, how long will he receive it and possible side effects. It was funny how the doctors will never say how long he was going to receive a certain antibiotic, but no fear, the on staff pharmacist has to release the drug and he knows what the doc placed on the order chart.

We left the hospital 9 weeks ago and I am happy to say that Mr. Mind gave up night shades. He had seen a significant improvement to his health and skin. When he has accidentally eaten something, he knows it within hours and we just add it to the 'Avoid List'.

So with no gluten and nightshades in his diet, Mr. Mind should be fine right? No! Come back tomorrow to learn more about our Life Changes, One Week at a Time.


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