Silent Night

#24. Go on a date and Let Mr. Mind do ALL the talking

When I wrote this one down, I didn't think this will pose a huge challenge for me. After all these years together, I would have thought my husband would come up with topic after topic. Saturday July, 6th Mr. Mind took us to an indoor and outdoor modern art museum. (By the way, he planned this.) It was so wonderful as the weather was warm and sunny. There were extra outdoor exhibits around including bee keeping with the University of Minnesota. As we strolled throughout the park, I waited patiently (or so I thought) for him to bring up a topic of discussion. Nothing! So I spoke up. 
"What do you want to talk about?"
"You are suppose to bring up the topics."
"Look at that over there."

Vagueness was the name of the game I see. I couldn't help myself. I asked him about attending another bee keeping event out of interest and he said sure. Then we went indoors to see more exhibits. I knew then that he would have tons to say. We strolled from one room to the next and he only mumbled a few sentences. After looking around, we sat down for drinks and a cookie. I pulled out my camera to take pictures of him and he began to speak.
"You look beautiful today."
"You have so many facial expressions especially when you do not speak. I love looking at your face. It's funny." (I so wanted to say 'My face is funny?', but I knew what he was going for so I held back.) "I want to watch your face when I kill you in mini-golf!"
"Yeah right." I shot back.
He smiled and said "Let's go."

My husband is a man of few words at times. He never stopped talking from the time we played mini golf until we went to bed. He talked about moving to a new house so he can house his potential family, his favorite neighborhoods, and why he thinks I shouldn't get a VW beetle. He even spoke about how he goes along with my decisions hoping that I realize how his was better. He said that I entertain him so much that I barely leave time for him to entertain me. We had another date night this weekend and he planned it all. 

Lesson learned: Let him speak, plan and enjoy my silent more often!

Completed 7/6/13


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