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Completed #26, Call Distant Relatives Once a Week

Do you have family all over the US or the World? How often do you get in touch with them? My parents and in-law live in a different state, but we speak weekly and sometimes daily. There are times when we speak once a week, but that doesn't last long. My grandparents live over a thousand miles away and I often only see them every few months. It is difficult to save a conversation for months at a time and so I must call them. There are more reasons to call your distant relatives other than to say hi.

1. Learn about their new interests. My grandmother is always trying something new. Last time she was trying to redesign her bathroom. Can you say trouble?!

2. See what isn't working anymore. When you are a young adult, you talk about the fun you had. When you are a middle aged adult, you talk about children, career or how tired you are. When you are elderly, you talk about what is broken. "My knee keeps giving in!" or "Did you know that your grandfather tried fixing the table with duct tape?" and the worst one, "I don't think So-and-So will be on this Earth any longer."

3. Play the 20 questions game with creative answers. I can not tell you how many times I have had to answer "Why aren't you pregnant yet?" My answers went from "We just got married!" to "We are getting settled in a new life, so soon." to "We are trying." and now I've resulted to "I sold my ovaries to buy earplugs!" Sometimes the questions are fun, just aim for creative and weird answers to keep the moral going. Confusion is your motive.

No matter where your loved ones live or when you call your loved ones, the sound of your voice brings them closer to you. Exercise some concern and love, by calling them daily, weekly, monthly etc. It might take practice, but the rewards are great. I am still trying to stay on task.

What ever you do, before you hang up, don't forget to say "I Love You!", "God Bless!", "Be Safe!", "I'm thinking of you!" or my newest one "Grandmom, don't throw your teeth in the recycle bins!"

Completed, Yet Continuing! 714/13


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