Girl Power!

#6. Buy and Use a Power Tool

Every woman married or not should either own a power tool or know how to use one. Growing up, if something went wrong in the house, my father would fix it. One snowy winter night our water heater burst while my father was on a business trip. Water quickly filled part of our basement. As children we wanted to play in it, but my mother disagreed as she grabbed some tools and went at it. I'm not sure of her success, because the neighbors came over to help then eventually a Sears repairman. 

Fast forward 16+ years and I am a proud owner of a power drill with many sized bits. I also own a hammer, a few screwdrivers, flat heads and a few more tools that I have nicknamed because I have yet to learn their names. 

My hand-me-down wooden coffee table's leg broke last month and I was determined to fix it.  I flipped the table over, found the right bit and drilled it in. As I went to flip the table back over, I must have forgotten how heavy it was and I dropped it on the opposite leg. Broken! I flipped it back onto it's top and fixed that leg. I tried turning it right side up, slowly, when I broke a 2nd leg. I grunted in disbelief and fixed that one. I was determined not to have 4 split legs on this table so I flipped the table aggressively and quickly. It landed on the floor with a bang, but it was right side up and I didn't break the 4th leg. I sat down on the couch only to realize that I split the wooden top.

My power drill won't help put the table back together, but it will help when I get a new coffee table! Girl Power!

P.S. When Mr. Mind came home from work, he shook his head, then frowned, then laughed and finally told me to lay off the tools for a while.

Completed 6/11/13


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