Baby Steps in the Sand

I thought I had a lifetime to bring you in this world
Completing my selfish tasks before I felt your curls
Believing that you're in arms reach
As simple as a stroll on the beach

Every year I pushed you aside
Craving desires I just can't hide
Ignoring what might fit me best
Searching for my corporate desk

But now I hunger for little toes
Breath taking eyes and a tiny nose
Difficult to create you, I don't understand
Longing to see those baby steps in the sand

Welcome ladies,
Many women around the world have a hard time conceiving a baby. We seek help from family, friends, doctors, nutritionists, and many others. We long for answers and clear cut paths to end infertility. However, we don't always get the answers when we seek them. This road is often long and hard. I entered the troubles of  conceiving when I reached 12 months with no avail. Let's link up so that we may not travel this path alone. For those that had troubles in the past or just want to offer words of wisdom and strength, please link up too. 


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