Money Mondays- Summer Cash

Welcome to the last installment of Money Mondays. We will break for the summer and return for the Autumn.

Did you know that summer may effect our wallets more that the rest of the year? Read on for a two part series of how to save money over the 100 Days of Summer.

1.) Many people do not save throughout the winter for summer vacations, Small vacations such as a weekend trips to a new city may not break the bank, but a sudden trip to Disney World certainly can. Most families spend around $3000 for a family of four for a week to popular destinations such as Disney World, Chicago and New York. Planning ahead of time can save you lots of money. Waiting until off season to visit these locations will often save you a bundle on flights and hotels. Checkout Lonely Planet for a breakdown of every country, city and town throughout the world. It will also give you the best times to visit while taking in weather, Tourist crowds, and activities in consideration.

2.) Speaking of hotels! There are so many ways to travel and just as many ways to enjoy your sleep away from home. As for my family, we use timeshares and we camp. Timeshares and home rentals are great because we can stuff as many as 10 adults into one unit, cook nearly every breakfast, lunch and dinner there, and can accommodate guests that drop by for a day in the sun. Camping provides the same amenities except it's cheaper and under the stars. Check out Air Bnb for rentals of home, condo, townhomes, cabins and more worldwide! Also, Vacation Rentals by Owners can provide similar places.

3.) Air conditioning and Power Bills go up in the summer and that can cause a nice hit to your monthly budget. How to avoid it? Spend the day time outside of your home. If you homeschool throughout the summer, take your lessons outside. Try the backyard, library, park, community center, mall or even rotate lessons at another family's home. While you are gone, I know it is tempting to keep the cool air blowing so that the home is cool when you return, but all you are doing is keeping you furniture cold. Turn it off while you are gone or place a timer on it. This will save you a bundle! If you have a basement, the summer is a great time of the year to use it. Heat rises, typically leaving the basement cooler than the rest of the home. Another option is using a window air conditioner or wall unit in the one room you will use the most. With the room's door closed, a window unit can cool down a room in minutes and will shut off automatically when the room reaches a preset temperature. Also you can cut it off then you leave that room.

Well I hope these tips leave a little money in your pocket this summer. Please check back next Monday for the last half of Money Mondays-Summer Cash.

No matter how much you spend and where you spend it enjoy your summer!


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